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Exactly what i was looking for: safe - easy to synchronize with other Apple device

Best password manager - and Ive tested a lot!

I have been using Keeper, but they become too greedy lately, which was my motivation to try DataVault. I had tested others before too: 1Password, LastPass, Wallet, and I find DataVault to be the best. The main reasons are: faster than most (to start and to search); good export/import, including text files, so I can manipulate data outside of it; nice apps for iPhone/iPad; very flexible templating system for categories, I can customize it the way I want. The only thing I miss is a better (automatic) sync between devices - it seems this is hard, since no app out there do it right, yet.

must buy in-purchase to sync among OSX and iOS using Dropbox.

I wasted my money! I must buy in-purchase Premium to be able to sync among my Mac and iPad, iPhone devices using Dropbox. I’m going to buy 1Password just now!

Good overall usage, like folding concept

Good utility for all of your secret passwords, logins etc. I do like that there are no predefined folders as i found them in other apps of this type and the app leds you instead create your one as you like. For others a minus i also do like that it has no syncing capabilities and thinks are kept quite simple. You have a password file on your computer that is not synced with your app. Right, you have to type in the necessary thinks twice or more but i always feel discomfortable keeping in mind that altought password protected a synced file through the internet could be scanned and who tells me there is no backdoor in the encryption algorithm. Heartbleed told us recently that even a SSH stronghold has its issues.

Best product, I use it multi platform for iOS, Mac OS and Windows

I am using DataVault for my Mac, iPad, iPhone and formerly for my Vaio Windows machine. Syncing with all devices works great via WiFi or Dropbox or much more options. If you are concerned about sync security, you can sync and update your database between your devices using your home wifi. It works easy, platform independent and with simplicity. Very reliable on each platform. No crash ever. And I use it for years. 10 stars from 10 :-) Great product and highly recommended!

Servere problems with OSX El Capitan

I have been using DataVault for two years without any problems until OSX El Capitan. Beware that, in my case, Wifi and iCloud Sync deleted all my passwords! I could only update my devices through iTunes. Fortunately, Datavault backs up data automatically and therefore I could restore most of my lost data.

Great tool with needed enhancements

Pls. add support for sync over privat WebDAV server and for multiple Password Files

Bob C

Wish I knew that you could try it for free before purchasing, really dont like it find it hard to work with and the instructions are next to useless. Contacted the help desk a couple of times via email and their responces were not much more helpful than the help on computer. Either Im backwards or its really hard to work with not user friendly at all. Very frustrating. Save your money or at least try the free trial first. Have only myself to blame.

1password web extensions are way better

Really needs auto logins on all the major web browers to be really useful.

iCloud Syncing

Where is automatic iCloud Syncing? Been waiting for ages now! It is very disapointing, especially when we have to pay separately for Mac and iOS version based on the promise that there will be automatic iCloud syncing . If you have multiple devices it is very cumbersom to sync manually one device at a time to make sure everything is up-to-date. Ill change the star rating when you update both Mac and iOS app.


The app delivers as promised. Customer support is responsive and helpful. The AutoFill feature is very useful and a time-saver. The icon selection is somewhat dated and could be more expansive but that is not such abig deal. Worth the price.

iCloud sync please!

Yeap I agree, although iCloud is now available to iOS device, MacOS version is left behind Shall we see ever see the day… Jean

Importing data

Note that its impossible to import KeyPass data directly. I had to install DataVault on Windows, export data from KeyPass to a CSV file, import CSV to Windows Datavault (just to find all the items in one huge list), export to DVX file, copied this file to my Mac and imported to Mac DataVault. And after that, I found that all the login names were lost. Dont buy this app if you have an existing KeyPass password database.

Excellent App for keeping account/personal info!

With Data Vault, I am able to customize the template and have everything in sync with my iphone and MacBook Pro. I love the sync process, if there is duplicates of different version, it asks you which one you want to keep and which one not to. The only downside is that for first time users, it will take you sometime to get used to it, and have it set up. But once I know how to use it, I had no issues or difficulties with it. Totaly worth it!

Great App

Great app that keeps all my devices in sync including Macs and PC

Great App

I have this on my IPad and IMac and am very pleased.

Data Valt Password Manager

This app has saved my sanity as it remembers all my passwords and log in details. Without it I would be struggling to log into just about any account.


Creates and synchronizes my passwords on mac, windows and iOS. It could certainly use improvement in the ease of synchronization, and the new advanced encryption is poorly described, but I could not do without this application.

Very helpful tool

This program has been a great replacement for a disorganized encrypted document that I used to use to save passwords. The fact that it is available across multiple devices (computer, iPad, iPhone) has also permitted me to safely take website names, logins, passwords and other more idiosyncratic login information with me when I don’t have access to my computer is VERY helpful. I am very pleased with it.

Must Have app

I used a number of other password manager apps in the past, but none performed like DataVault. Initially I had DataVault for Windows and a Blackberry. Then I moved to the Mac world. During the transition I synced the app across all three platforms without a problem. Now I am on the Mac with an iPad mini, iMac, and a iPod Touch and sync them all via wifi without a problem. I use this app several times a day not only to manage my 500+ login credentials including passwords, but also for inventory (such as serial numbers, purchase dates, model numbers, etc) for my cameras, vehicles, dive equipment, insurance policies, even passports etc. It’s the place for all my information which I want to protect. You know that an application is great when the only “it would be nice if …” issue is the number of icons you can pick from when identifying individual items. Bottom line: I love DataVault and recommend it to anyone and everyone, as we all have some information we should have easy access to, but want to keep protected.

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